Department Organization

The Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) Department of Pediatrics has experienced dramatic growth over the last two decades. Located at Riley Hospital for Children in downtown Indianapolis, the Department of Pediatrics has over 400 faculty and residents. Riley is part of the IU Health health care system.

Organized into 18 sections, the Department boasts remarkable stability with only 3 Chairs in the last 40+ years. The current Chair, Dr. D. Wade Clapp, is a physician/scientist who is committed to ensuring that the Department of Pediatrics continues its long standing tradition of growth and excellence. There are 5 Associate Chairs who, along with the Section Heads, report to the Chairman. The IUSM Department of Pediatrics currently has 22 endowed chairs.


D. Wade Clapp, MD david_ingram_director.jpg Aaron E. Carroll, MD
D. Wade Clapp, MD
Department Chair
Dave A. Ingram, MD
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs
Aaron E. Caroll, MD
Vice Chair for Health Policy and Outcomes Research
Scott Denne, MD Mervin Yoder, MD Mary Ciccarelli, MD
Scott Denne, MD
Associate Chair
for Clinical Research
 Mervin Yoder, MD
Associate Chair for Basic Research
Mary Ciccarelli, MD
Associate Chair for Education

Sections and Faculty

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